ENERGY STAR® Equipment for Amherst & Buffalo, NY
Make a smart choice for a better environment: choose ENERGY STAR® heating and cooling equipment for your home.

Run by the EPA, ENERGY STAR® is a government-sponsored program dedicated to giving business owners and consumers good information about how to save energy. Product ratings and the ENERGY STAR® label are the most important parts of this program. Put simply, a piece of heating or cooling equipment that is ENERGY STAR® labeled is more efficient and can result in significant energy savings for your space.
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ENERGY STAR® products are a win-win for your home or business. Even if they cost more upfront, over time, you’ll save money as you save energy. According to a 2005 US Department of Energy study, an ENERGY STAR® furnace can deliver heating savings of 40% while an ENERGY STAR® air conditioner can help you save up to 60%. Even better, these products might come with tax credits. And of course, an important final benefit is that these products lead to less pollution in the environment.

Put simply, ENERGY STAR® is the smart choice for everyone involved: you, your family, and the community at large. To learn about installing ENERGY STAR® equipment in your home, give Vastola Heating and Cooling a call at 716-800-3615 today.
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