Home Solar Panels for Amherst & Buffalo, NY

Solar Power
Even here in Buffalo, NY, the power of the sun can be put to work for your home. Solar energy is an infinitely renewable energy source that can be used to generate electricity. It’s a win-win for homeowners; you can reduce your energy bills and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, taking a stand for a cleaner environment.
How It Works
If you install a residential solar energy system on your house, the system will use solar modules made of photovoltaic (PV) cells to capture the sun’s energy. The system then converts that energy into electricity that can be used to power anything and everything in your home, including appliances, lights, heating and cooling systems, and more.

Lennox has a great source if you are interested in learning all of the details about solar energy, including their own SunSource Home Energy System: How Solar Works.
Generator Installation Buffalo, NY
The sun has been powering our planet for billions of years, and it should continue to do so for billions of years to come. Put a tiny fraction of that energy to work for you to power your home. Give us a call at 716-800-3615 to learn how we can help your home have solar power.
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